How I fell in love with a programming language

How I fell in love with a programming language

If you know only one thing about DHH, it’s that he adores the Ruby programming language. He doesn’t just like it. He genuinely loves it. There’s zero debate about this.  I’ve always highly respected his viewpoint. But I can’t say I’ve necessarily been able to fully relate to it.  Don’t get me wrong. His rationale and explanations make perfect sense. I don’t write a lot of Ruby, but I understand why people like it a lot. It’s very pretty, expressive, and clear. It has a ton of great features. Those are the facts.  But when David talks about Ruby, he doesn’t hammer on facts. Rather, he exudes emotion.

Emotion is what really cuts deep and inspires people.  Sure, he also mentions some language features, but it’s far more interesting when he excitedly talks about Ruby’s beauty, how it makes him genuinely happy, and how its transformed his life. His deep passion and enthusiasm trumps any facts or features. You can tell Ruby is, to him, something special and profound. He loves it.  And it’s usually at this point when I ask myself, “What the hell is DHH talking about?”

The reason I could never fully relate to David’s visceral, emotionally charged stance on Ruby is because <gulp> I’ve been a Java guy for 15+ years.  After a month with Kotlin, I finally understand what the hell DHH has been saying about Ruby all these years!

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