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With 20+ years of software development experience.  We provide consulting, concept development, market research, design, architecture, development, testing, deployment and sales services to individuals and companies around the world.  Roles have included software and system architect, team lead, project manager, analyst, and developer in a variety of areas, including but not limited to website architecture, e-commerce, multimedia, computer games, entertainment, design, implementation, training, and support. Experience spans various fields, from education, energy and medical to government, advertising and entertainment.  Languages include, Java, Objective C, Swift, C,  C++.  Specializing in mobile app development for Android and iOS.  We work with everyone from large corporations to start-ups to individuals.  Whatever your App needs are we can help.



In the Play Store:  

EMS Find: An app for the Ambulance industry.

Color Strike: A missile command style game with colors.

VERO Chess: A new twist on chess.

Squealock: A Security App for Android.

School Mate: A school notification app.

Piggyback: Uber for packages.


In Development:

Salon: An app for the salon industry.

Trusted Circle: An app for connecting with your closest friends.

The Photo App: Instagram clone with a twist.

The Parent Control App: The ultimate parent control app kids will love to hate.

The Skills App: An employment app.

Koombaya: A Kids Social Media App.

Zilla: A series of management apps for small business.

The Kaizen Web App: A staffing management web app.


Little Feet, Inc., EMC Find, The Photo App, Skills, Inkpon, Bullseye, Koombaya, Kaizen Medical Solutions, Dream Power, Star Kids Movie, Zilla.

Past Projects:

App for Android Nexus 7

Developed mobile app for the Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) platform for the Nexus 7 and compatible tablets.  (Due to NDA cannot be specific.) App was written in JAVA on Eclipse with the Android Plug-in.  Created various Activities and various UI elements using the relative and grid layouts.  Used Intents to transfer data between Activities. Used stream and file IO classes to save files to the app memory.  Created a custom content container/management class that the user filled with text based content.  User can save and retrieve and delete files of the created content.  The app allowed the user to easily navigate and change sections of the content.

New York New York: A 3D Real Estate Game  

Lead designer and producer of real-time, 3D real estate, multiplayer, Internet strategy game based in New York city. Wrote product plans, managed production budget of $200,000, managed team of 10 contractors, artists, musicians and level designers, and 5 programmers. Designed game architecture, programmed game engine in C++ using the Renderware 3D api.

Canada Post Corporation

Senior Consultant for the Canadian Government’s Electronic Post Office initiative (EPO) in Toronto Canada.  The EPO is a major enterprise level Internet bill payment and presentation e-commerce website, providing all Canadian citizens with an electronic mailbox for receiving mail and paying bills via the Internet.  Supervised the implementation of the core Internet technology at the EPO production, development and test sites in Toronto. The site handles millions of secured transactions per week.  The site was built using clustered servers, with JAVA app logic, pulling from clustered Microsoft SQL databases.   


Mind Link

Instant Messaging Software for Websites. Architect and lead developer for Mind Link Chat.  Mind Link Chat was created using a JAVA based three-tier architecture and Swing interface.  The software allows website visitors to initiate a communication via chat with a company representative via a thin client (Applet).  The server side component is multi-threaded and tracks all clients and intelligently routes all communication via sockets to an available client side app running on the company representative’s desktop.  The server has logging capability as well as email capability.  All user data is stored in several tables on a SQL server database.  Upon completion project was sold to a Houston based technology Company.


The Total Tester

Lead developer in creating a testing engine to allow the release of several test suites based on a single engine.  This engine was written in JAVA, incorporating a swing interface and a JDBC/ODBC database connection.  It also has an adaptive testing module.  It allows for the ability to lock a test suite by accessing the Soft Lock locking library via a C++ DLL using the JAVA Native Interface (JNI).  The engine incorporates DES encryption using the JAVA Cryptography Extension (JCE).   A copy of this application can be found in the back of the 3rd edition of the number one best selling A+ Exam Guide, “A+ All-In-One Certification Exam Guide” by Michael Meyers.   


Kavana Technologies, Inc.

Consultant for Kavana Technologies, a software company based in Beverly Hills, California.  Advised on product development, planning and design of a web based video streaming service.  The application contextually ties uploaded videos with related products and services.  The application allows companies to stream ‘vid-formation’ (how-to videos) to their website and tie it to an ecommerce backend solution.

Global Marine, Inc.

Developed a object oriented, windows, SQL imaging application for Global Marine’s Document Imaging Initiative.  App was composed of a scanning object class and an imaging object class tied together in a dynamic SQL, query, MDI application.  This application allowed users to query any of several databases for a record and then to retrieve the scanned documents related to that record.


Airbots, Inc.

Developed medical e-commerce application using JAVA Agent technology.  Application is a distributed multi-threaded client server app utilizing derivations of socket, server socket and stream classes.


Creativeminds, Inc.

Lead programmer for multimedia production company based in Santa Monica, CA.  Designed, managed, produced, manufactured, and marketed several multimedia products:  “Oasis Missions: Command & Conquer add-on pack”, “Words of Wisdom” & “Proverbs Biblical Screen Saver”,  “Timelapse”


Knowledge Adventure, Inc.

Lead game developer for Burbank, California educational software company. Designed, produced and programmed several real-time virtual reality computer games for Knowledge Adventure’s many top selling educational products:  “Save The Dinosaur Game”, “Manatee Maze Game”,  “Save The Patient Game” and “Speed Game” for IMAX Speed and “Discover Game” for IMAX Discovers.



AGILE, Extreme Programming, Iterative Programming


Slack, Confluence, Google Docs.

Project Management:

Asana, JIRA, Google Docs.


Android, iOS, Web


Java, Objective C, C, C++, Python, PHP, Javascript, Swift


Android SDK, Xcode,


Parse, Firebase, XML, JSON, SQL, MySQL, NoSQL


Android Studio

Cloud Services:

Parse, Firebase, Google App Engine, Heroku, OpenShift, SaaS, PaaS, Cloud Computing,



Gradle, Maven, Ivy, Github, VCS



Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Harvard University

San Diego State University